Brass compassLand surveying is the gathering of information through observations, field measurements, research, review of legal documents and data analysis to assist:

  • the planning and designing of construction projects
  • architects and engineers with site design and civil projects
  • contractors by setting control stakes for site improvements
  • attorneys, title companies and developers with the sale or purchase, development or subdivision of residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects.

Land surveying involves the precise measurements of angles, distances, elevations, area and volume to establish horizontal and vertical control systems for any portion of the earth’s surface.

As an expert in measuring, the professional land surveyor incorporates levels, Robotic Total Stations, GPS, drones and laser scanners into their daily work.

At Compass, our expertise goes beyond the traditional definition of surveying. Our high-performance team of professional land surveyors performs and delivers an extensive range of services including:

Since 1983, our real estate, land development, energy and public works clients have depended on us for prompt, comprehensive and accurate land surveying services. They have also trusted the results – in some cases, the next day – for their project’s success.

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